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    The Domesday Book, 1086

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    St. James's Church
    Jacobescherche: Aelfeva, the pre-Conquest holder.
    Site of St. James's Priory in Exeter.

    St. Mary Church
    Ecclesia Sanctae Mariae: Bishop of Exeter; Richard FitzThorulf from Count of Mortain. 174 sheep.
    St. Marychurch, a coastal area of Torquay; fine cliffs and combes.

    Salcombe Regis
    Secome / coma: Bishop of Exeter.
    Given by King Aethelstan to the monks of Exeter, who worked the salt-pans after which the village is named. The church dates from 1150.

    Sampford Courtenay
    Sanford / fort: Baldwin the Sheriff. 28 cattle, 200 sheep, 40 goats.
    Attractive village street with thatched cottages.

    Sampford Peverell
    Sanforde / forda: Roger de Bully (given to him by Queen Mathilda on his marriage). 50 goats.
    Home of the Peverell family and site of their castle, demolished in 1775. Probable effigy of Hugh Peverel, a crusader, in the church.

    Sampford Spiney
    Sandford / forda: Robert from William de Poilley.
    Farmhouse, 1617.

    Saterlei / leia: Godbold.

    Santone / tona: Theobald FitzBerner. Salthouse.
    Saunton Sands, one of Devon's finest beaches.

    Scabatore / tora: Bishop of Coutances.

    Flueta / Fluta: Horton Church. 11 salthouses.
    Seaton Junction. Nearby Seaton, a small resort on the River Axe with a largely Norman church, was an important medieval port until the harbour silted up.

    Sedeborge / -borga / Seteberge / Setleberga: Ansgot from the king.

    Selac: Gotshelm holds SELAC from Baldwin (the Sheriff). Brictmer held it before 1066. It paid tax for hide. Land for 2 ploughs. 1 ploughs there. 2 villagers and 2 smallholders. Meadow, 2 acres; woodland, 6 acres. Formerly 5s; value now 10s.

    Cobecume / Scobacoma / Scobecome / Escobecoma: Walter de Douai; Ludo (wrongfully).

    Shapley (in Chagford)
    Scapelie / Escapeliea: Robert and Godwin from Baldwin the Sheriff; Gerald the Chaplain.
    Tiny; on Dartmoor, with prehistoric sites nearby.

    Shapley (in North Bovey)
    Essaple / -apla / Scapelie / Escapeleia: Aelfric, the pre-Conquest holder, from the king.
    Tiny. Shapley Common; Shapley Tor.

    Shaugh Prior
    Scage / Escaga: Iudhael of Totnes and Thorgils from him.

    Sepesberie / beria: King's land, formerly Earl Harold. 30 pigs, 100 cattle, 500 sheep, 50 goats.
    Devil's Stone marks an early sacred site.

    Sildene / denna: Ralph de Pomeroy. 10 cattle.

    Sherford (in Brixton)
    Sireford / fort: William from Iudhael of Totnes.
    Now 2 tiny hamlets, East and West Shaugh.

    Sherford (near Kingsbridge)
    Sireford / -fort / forda: Battle Church from the king.
    Mainly 14th century church with medieval paintings.

    Esselingeforde / -aforda / Selingeforde / -forda: William Cheever; Fulchere. 11 cattle.
    Now Shillingford St. George; also Shillingford Abbot.

    Silvestene / Silfestana: Richard from Count of Mortain.
    Shilston Barton and Shilston Bridge on Shilston Brook.

    Selvestan: Osbern de Sacey.
    Now Shilston Bridge; tiny. Shilston Barton.

    Shiphay Collaton
    Coletone / tona: Iudhael of Totnes.
    Now Shiphay, part of Torbay.

    Ascerewelle / Aiscirewilla / Sirewelle / -willa: Robert de Beaumont from Baldwin the Sheriff; William de Poilley; Gilbert from Odo FitzGamelin. 130 cattle, 28 goats.

    Shobrooke (near Crediton)
    Sotebroch / broca: Count of Mortain.

    Shobrooke (in Morchard Bishop)
    Schipebroc / Escipabroca / -pebrocha: Walter de Claville.
    Shobrooke Farm.

    Sideberie / beria: Bishop of Exeter. 10 cattle, 140 sheep.
    Church with a partly Saxon crypt (670); Sidbury Castle, a large prehistoric fort.

    Sedemude / muda: St. Mary's Church, Rouen. Salthouse.
    Resort and old fishing port; Regency architecture.

    Sigeford / forda: Solomon from Roald Dubbed. Cow.
    Some houses.

    Sulfretona: King's land. 3 mills.
    Silverton Park, a decayed Georgian house, once belonged to the Earls of Egremont.

    Siredone / dona: Aelfric, the pre-Conquest holder from the king.

    Sladone / dona: Baldwin the Sheriff from Bishop of Exeter. 100 sheep.
    Ruined tower of a chantry founded by Sir Guy de Brien, 1372. Slapton Ley, a lagoon, is a nature reserve.

    Smelecome / Hesmalacoma: Roger from Baldwin the Sheriff.
    Smallicombe Farm.

    Smarige / Smaurige / Esmarige / Esmaurige: Ralph de Pomeroy. Mill. 15 cattle, 32 goats.

    Smitheham / Esmite- / Esmitteham: Ansger le Breton from Count of Mortain.

    Smidelie / Esmideleia: Gilbert from Baldwin the Sheriff.
    Snydles Farm.

    Sure / Sura: Odo from Iudhael of Totnes. 15 cattle, 240 sheep and goats.

    Surlei / leia: Fulk from Iudhael of Totnes. 18 cattle, 125 sheep.

    Surintone / tona: Engelbald's wife from Bishop of Coutances. 18 cattle, 100 sheep, 50 goats.
    According to legend, the devil died of cold on Sourton Moor. Bronze spearheads were found at Sourton Tor.

    South Allington
    Alintone / tona: Thorgils from Iudhael of Totnes.

    South Brent
    Brenta / Brente: Buckfast Church. 25 cattle, 95 sheep, 30 goats.
    Old village centre with a priest's house and toll-house.

    South Huish
    Hewis / Heuis: Ralph from Iudhael of Totnes. 143 sheep.
    Some houses near the boast; ruins of a 15th century chapel.

    Lege / Lega: Beatrix from her brother William Cheever. 10 cattle.
    Blackberry Castle is a large Iron Age hill-fort.

    South Milton
    Mideltone / Miltitona: Tovi from Alfred le Breton.
    A bronze crucifix, c.1150, was discovered at Trendwell Farm in 1961.

    South Molton
    Sudmoltone / Sut Moltona: King's land and 4 clergy from the king.
    Market town with Georgian and Victorian houses and 3 old mills.

    South Tawton
    Tauestone / -etone / Tauetona: King's land, formerly Countess Gytha. 100 cattle, 400 sheep, 70 goats.
    Church House, built in 1572.

    Wicha / Wica / Wyca: Ralph de Pomeroy. 30 cattle.
    Tiny; Southweek Wood.

    Sowton (formerly Clyst Fomison)
    Clis: Geoffrey from Bishop of Coutances. 2 cobs, 100 sheep.
    Bishop's Court, in 1863, is said to have been the home of one of the builders of Exeter Cathedral.

    Sperchewelle / willa: Richard from Baldwin the Sheriff.

    Spececote / cota: Gosbert from Theobald FitzBerner.

    Spicewite / Espicewita: King's land, formerly Earl Harold.
    Spitchwick Manor.

    Sprecome / Esprecoma: Theobald FitzBerner.
    Spreacombe Manor with a chapel. Now Higher Spreacombe.

    Spreitone / Espreitona: Baldwin the Sheriff. 11 cattle, 35 goats.
    Church with Saxon and Norman fonts and an inscription to Henry le Maygue, a native of Normandy, 'who caused me to be built 1451'.

    Combe / Comba: Dunn from Count of Mortain.
    Now Higher Spriddlescombe; tiny.

    Spredelestone / Espredelestona / -eletona: Reginald from Count of Mortain.

    Sprei: Wihenoc from Alfred le Breton.

    Esprewei / Espreuweia: Bishop of Coutances; Hermer from Walter de Douai. 16 cattle.
    Spurway and Spurway Mill, near West Spurway, a tiny hamlet.

    Stotberie / beria: Ralph from Iudhael of Totnes.
    Stadbury Farm.

    Stotescome / coma: Iudhael of Totnes.
    Part of Plymouth.

    Staddon (in Plymstock)
    Stotdone / Estotdona: William from Iudhael of Totnes.
    Staddon Heights.

    Staford / -fort / Stadforda: Ansger de Montacute.
    Stafford Barton; Stafford Moor Fishery.

    Stallenge Thorne
    Stanlinz: Odo FitzGamelin.
    Stallenge Thorne Farm.

    Stancome / coma: Thorgils from Iudhael of Totnes.
    Now Stancombe Cross; tiny.

    Stapelie / Estapeleia: Nicholas the Bowman.

    Sovretone / Stovretona: Bishop of Exeter. 101 sheep.
    15th century Staverton Bridge.

    Stotecome / Estotacoma: Morin from Baldwin the Sheriff.
    Stedcombe House.

    Ertacomestcoche / stoca: Hervey FitzAnsger from Milton Abbey. 3 mills.
    Near Stockton Great Castle, an Iron Age hill-fort.

    Stockleigh (in Highampton)
    Tochelie / Estocheleia: Alward from Count of Mortain. 24 goats.
    Stockleigh Farm.

    Stockleigh (in Meeth)
    Stochelie / Estcheleia / -lia: Erchenbald from Count of Mortain; Aubrey from Baldwin the Sheriff.
    Stockleigh Barton.

    Stockleigh English
    Stochelie / Estocheleia: Reginald from Count of Mortain.

    Stockleigh Pomeroy
    Stochelie / Estocheleia: Ralph de Pomeroy. Cob, 103 sheep, 23 goats.
    Belonged to the Pomeroy family until the Catholic Rising of 1549.

    Stoke (in Devonport)
    Stoghes: Robert d'Aumale. 15 cattle, 160 sheep, 40 goats.
    Part of Plymouth.

    Stoke (in Hartland)
    Nistenestoch: Canons, the pre-Conquest holders, from Gerald the Chaplain.
    14th century St. Nectan's Church with a richly carved Norman font and painted waggon roof.

    Stoke (in Holne)
    Stoche / Estocha: Winemar from William de Falaise. 1 animal.
    Tiny; on Dartmoor.

    Stoke Canon
    Stoche / Stocha: Bishop of Exeter. 2 mills.
    Bridge dating from the 13th century over the River Culm.

    Stoke Fleming
    Stoch / Stoc: Ludo, Ralph and a woman from Walter de Douai.
    Church with a 13th century effigy of Elinor Mohun.

    Stoches: Nicholas the Bowman.
    Church with a 1375 brass, the earliest in Devon.

    Stoke Rivers
    Stoche / Estocha: William de Poilley. 100 sheep.

    Stanehus: Robert Bastard.
    Part of Plymouth.

    Stoodleigh (near Oakford)
    Stodlei / Estodleia: Bishop of Coutances; Robert from Ralph de Pomeroy. 18 cattle, 33 goats, 100 sheep.
    East Stoodleigh Barton nearby.

    Stoodleigh (in West Buckland)
    Stodlei / Estotleia: Bishop of Coutances; Arnold from Walter de Douai.
    Some houses.

    Stowford (in Colaton Raleigh)
    Staford / Estaforda: Earl Hugh.

    Stowford (near Lifton)
    Staford / Estatforda: Ralph Vitalis from Odo FitzGamelin. 10 cattle, 20 goats.
    Romano-British stone in the churchyard.

    Stowford (in West Down)
    Staveford / Estaveforda: Bishop of Coutances.
    West Stowford Barton.

    Strete Ralegh
    Estrete / eta: Thurstan from Ralph de Pomeroy. 60 goats.
    Houses in a park.

    Sutecome / coma: Edric, the pre-Conquest holder, from Bishop of Coutances. 18 cattle.

    Sutton (in Halberton)
    Suetetone / Suetatona / Suetetona:

    Sutton (in Plymouth)
    Sudtone / Sutona: King's land.
    Part of Plymouth.

    Sutton (in Widworthy)
    Sutone / Sutuna: Richard from William the Usher, the king's servant.
    Sutton Barton.

    Birige: Saewin the priest, formerly Brictferth his uncle.

    Sideham: Osbern from Walter de Claville.
    Sydeham Farm.

    Sydenham (in Marystowe)
    Sidreham: William from Iudhael of Totnes.
    Sydenham House; Sydenham Wood.

    Sydenham Damerel
    Sidelham / Sidreham: Iudhael of Totnes.
    On the wooded slopes of the River Tamar; packhorse bridge.

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    The Domesday Book, 1086

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