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    Gernon, Robert - Name from grenon, gernon, meaning moustache. Ancestor of Cavendish family. Holdings in Bucks., Cambs., Herefords., Herts., Middx.

    Ghent, Gilbert de - Abbot from 1076. Came from French monastery of Marmoutie. Abbey holdings in southern counties. One of few to escape Danish siege of York in 1067; died 1094. Holdings in 15 counties from Berks. northwards.

    Giffard, Walter - Son of Osbern of Bolbec. Domesday commissioner; keeper of Windsor Castle; Earl of Buckingham (1100); died 1103. Holdings in 10 counties.

    Giffard, Osbern - Holdings in Northamptonshire and five southern counties.

    Gilbert Grus - Bishop of Evreux. Made bishop in 1071, died 1118. Holdings in Suffolk.

    Giles, brother of Ansculf - Holdings in Berks., Bucks., Northants., Oxon.

    Gloucester, Durand of - Constable of Gloucester Castle. Sheriff of Gloucestershire 1086, succeeding his brother Roger. Holdings in Hants., Wilts.

    Goda, Countess - Sister of Edward the Confessor, wife of Drogo of Mantes, then first wife of Count Eustace of Boulogne; died 1056.

    Godiva, Countess - Wife of Earl Leofric of Mercia, sister of Thorold, sheriff of Lincs., grandmother of rebel earls Edwin and Morcar. Famous for her naked bareback ride on a horse at Coventry; founded Stow Priory near Lincoln. Holdings not yet re-granted, in Leics., Notts. and Warwicks.

    Godwin, Earl - Father of King Harold. Father-in-law of King Edward the Confessor, who married his daughter, Edith. Earl of the West Saxons; died 1053.

    Grandmesnil, Hugh de - From Grandmesnil, Calvados. Daughter married Roger of d'Ivry. Sheriff of Leicestershire, constable of Leicester Castle. Went into St. Evroul's monastery in Normandy and died there, 1094. Holdings in eight southern and midland counties. Wife's holdings listed separately, in Beds., Herts., Leics., Warwicks.

    La Guerche, Geoffrey de - Holdings in Leics., Lincs., Northants., Notts., Warwicks.

    Gytha, Countess - Wife of Earl Godwin, mother of King Harold and Earl Leofwin.

    Gytha, Countess - Wife of Earl Ralph of Hereford (Ralph the Timid).


    Hamo the Steward - Also called Hamo the Sheriff. Sheriff of Kent; a judge at Penenden in case between Lanfranc and Odo of Bayeux. Holdings in Essex, Kent and Surrey.

    Harold Godwineson, King - King of England, Jan-Oct 1066; usually called Earl Harold in Domesday since the Normans did not admit his claim to the throne.

    Hereford, Earl Ralph of - Also called Ralph the Timid. Son of Count Drogo of Mantes and Goda, Edward the Confessor's sister. Earl of Hereford 1053-57; disgraced in 1055 for cowardice against the Welsh.

    Hereford, Robert, Bishop of - Bishop of Hereford 1079-95. Church holdings in Essex, Gloucs., Herefords., Oxon., Shrops., Worcs.

    Hereford, Walter, Bishop of - Bishop of Hereford 1061-79. Chaplain to Edward the Confessor's Edith.

    Hesdin, Arnulf de - From Hesdin, Pas-de-Calais. Large holdings in Wilts. Also in 10 other southern counties.

    Hugh, son of Grip - Also called Hugh of Warham. Sheriff of Dorset before Aiulf the Chamberlain; wife held his lands. Exon Domesday comments on his lack of land. Wife remarried Alfred of Lincoln.

    Humphrey the Chamberlain - Brother of Aiulf, Sheriff of Dorset; in service of Queen Matilda. Holdings in 9 counties from Leics. south.

    Huntingdon, Earl Waltheof of - Son of Earl Siward, husband of Countess Judith. Earl of Northumbria 1072-75; executed 1076.

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    Ilbert - Sheriff of Hertfordshire.

    Ivry, Roger d' - Also called 'Butler'. From Ivry la Bataille, Eure. Married to Adeline, daughter of Hugh de Grandmesnil. Sworn brother-in-arms of Robert d'Oilly. Held several estates jointly. Perhaps Sheriff of Gloucestershire at one time. Holdings in Beds., Bucks., Gloucs., Hunts., Oxon., Warwicks.

    Ivry, Hugh d' - Butler in Norman household before 1066. Probably brother of Roger d'Ivry. Holdings in Oxon.

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