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  • Somerset R-S

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    Radingetune / tuna / Radinghetona: Robert from Roger Arundel.
    Mill for the hall.

    Radeflot / Ratdeflot / Radeflote / flota: Robert from Roger de Courseulles; Herbert from Alfred d'Epaignes. Mill.
    Farm; Radlet Common.

    Stoche / Estoca: Roger from Bishop of Coutances. Mill. 22 pigs, 210 sheep.
    Large; on the Roman Fosse Way. Coal-mining began here in the 18th century.

    Epse / Eppsa: Ralph de Limesy.

    Retlis / Redlisc / Roliz / Reliz: Bretel from Count of Mortain. 20 pigs.
    18th century church; Redlynch House.

    Rachedeworde / worda: Robert from Roger de Courseulles.

    Ragiol: Guntard from Serlo de Burcy; Godwin, the pre-Conquest holder, from the king. 15 cattle.

    Rintone / tona: Bishop of Winchester. 20 cattle, 24 pigs.

    Reddene / dena: Ingelrann from Arnulf de Hesdin. 2 mills. 20 cattle, 50 pigs, 300 sheep.
    Farm with a 17th century Gothic chapel.

    Rode / Roda: Bishop of Coutances and Robert, Moses, Robert, Roger, Sherwold and Richard the Interpreter from him. Mill.
    On the River Fro.

    Radehewis: Hugh from Alfred d'Epaignes.
    On the edge of Exmoor.

    Rodney Stoke
    Stoches / Stocca: Bishop of Coutances. Mill. 20 mares, 20 pigs, 68 goats.
    On the edge of the Mendips; church with some 17th century woodwork.

    Runetone / tona: Dodman from William de Mohun. Mill. 23 pigs.
    On the River Tone.

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    St. Michael Church
    Michaeliscerce / Michelescerca: Ansger Fower.
    Small church and a few buildings.

    Sanford / fort: Roger Whiting from Bishop of Coutances. Mill.
    Large; partly Norman house with traces of 14th century frescoes.

    Sampford Arundel
    Sanford / forda: Ogis from Roger de Courseulles. Mill. 11 cattle.

    Sampford Brett
    Sanford / forda: William from Hugh d'Avranches. Mill.

    Sandford (in Wembdon)
    Sanford / Santfort: Ralph from Roger Arundel. 11 cattle, 23 pigs.


    Seouenamentone: Athelney Church; Mauger from Count of Mortain; Siward from the king. Mill.
    Now Seavington St. Mary; Seavington St. Michael nearby.

    Seleurde: Ralph de Limesy, formerly Queen Edith. Mill.
    Attractive. Thatched cottages. Bury Castle, near Selworthy Beacon, is an Iron Age camp.

    Sapeswich / Sapaeswica: Glastonbury Church and Roger de Courseulles, Alfred d'Epaignes and Warmund from the church.
    17th century Shapwick House.

    Siredestone / tona: Robert Herecom from Roger de Courseulles.

    Shepton Beauchamp
    Sceptone / tona: Count of Mortain.
    19th century Beauchamp Manor; traces of a medieval field system.

    Shepton Mallet
    Sepetone / tona: Roger de Courseulles from Glastonbury Church. 2 mills (with Croscombe).
    Town, prosperous in the 18th century. The Domesday Book and other public records were kept in the prison here for safe keeping during World War II.

    Shepton Montague
    Sceptone / Sheptuna / Septona: Drogo from Count of Mortain. 2 mills. 23 pigs, 210 sheep.

    Sipeham: Robert from Roger de Courseulles.
    Calamine for the Bristol brass and zinc industries mined here in the 18th century.

    Scobindare / Scobinalre: Bishop of Winchester.

    Sordemaneforde: Brictric from William de Mohun. 11 goats.

    Siwoldestone / tona: Ansger.
    Shovel House.

    Scheligate / Schiligata: Robert of Gatemore from Roger Arundel. Mill. 10 cattle, 150 sheep.
    Skilgate Wood.

    Sock Dennis
    Soche / Socca: Robert FitzIvo from Count of Mortain. 35 pigs.
    On Bearley Brook.

    Sumer / Summertone / Sumertona: King's land. Fisheries. 500 sheep.
    Market town; the county centre from 1278-1371, with a 17th century town hall and a market cross.

    South Cadbury
    Sudcadeberie / Sutcadaberia / deberia: Bernard from Thurstan FitzRolf; Bernard Pancevolt, a clerk and an Englishman.
    Below Cadbury Castle, one of England's finest Iron Age hill-forts; believed to have been King Arthur's Camelot.

    South Petherton
    Sudperet / Sutpedret / perret / petret / Sudperetone / Sutperettona: King's land, formerly King Edmund; Alfgeat the Priest from the king. Mill.
    Attractive; King Ina's Palace, a 14th century house, restored in the 19th century.

    Spercheford / Sparkeforde: Fulcwin from Walter de Douai. Mill.
    Sparkford Hill.

    Spachestone / Espachestona: Alfred d'Epaignes.
    Cloth fulling centre; Church with a 15th century bench-end carving of a fuller.

    Stalrewich / Estalrewicca: Robert from Roger de Courseulles.
    Farm; manor house.

    Stanton Drew
    Stantone / Estantona: King's land and Roger from the king. Mill.
    On the River Chew; 3 prehistoric stone circles nearby.

    Stanton Prior
    Stantone / tona: Bath Church.

    Staple FitzPaine
    Staple / Estapla: Count of Mortain. Mill. 100 goats.
    17th century cottages round the church. Hestercombe House, headquarters of the Somerset Fire Brigade, garden designed by Lutyens and Gertrude Jekyll.

    Stantune / Estantone / tuna: William de Mohun.
    Staunton Plantation.

    Stawelle / Estawella: Godescal from Glastonbury Church. 200 sheep.

    Stawei / weia: Robert and Herbert from Alfred d'Epaignes.

    Esturt: 2 porters from Montacute from Count of Mortain.

    Stocheland(e): Ansketel from Roger de Courseulles; William de Mohun; Ralph de Reuilly from Ralph Pagnell. Mill.
    Close to Bristol; manor house; manor farm.

    Stoche: Roger from William de Mohun; formerly Queen Edith; Alfward and his brothers, the pre-Conquest tenants, from the king.
    One of only 14 villages in Britain to be '
    doubly thankful'; that is, to have seen the safe return of all its inhabitants who fought in both world wars.

    Warverdinestoch / stoc: Richard de Les Andelys. Church.

    Stoche / Estocha: William de Falaise. Mill. 250 sheep.
    Ruins of a castle, probably 12th century, belonging to the de Curci family.

    Stoke Pero
    Stoche / Esthoca: Roger de Courseulles.

    Stoke St. Mary
    Stocha / Stoche / Estoca / Stoca: Bishop of Winchester.
    Stoke House.

    Stoke sub Hamdon
    Stoca / Stoche / Stochet / Estocha / Estochet: William de Mohun; Mauger from Count of Mortain. Mill.
    Now 2 villages, East and West Stoke; below Ham Hill, with one of Britain's largest hill-forts, traces of a Roman villa, and stone quarries.

    Stoke Trister
    Stoche / Stoca: Bretel from Count of Mortain. Mill. 70 goats, 8 unbroken mares.

    Stone (in Exford)
    Estone / Estana: Roger de Courseulles.
    Near Exford.

    Stone (in Mudford)
    Stane / Stana: Reginald from Serlo de Burcy.

    Ston Easton
    Estone / tona: Azelin from Bishop of Coutances; Gilbert FitzThorold; Manasseh Cook's wife. Mill.
    Georgian Ston Easton Park.

    Stoney Stoke
    Stoche / Stocca / Estoca: Drogo from Count of Mortain.

    Stony Littleton
    Liteltone / tona: Osmund from Bishop of Coutances. Mill. 200 sheep.
    On Wellow Brook.

    Stanwelle / Estanwella: Azelin from Bishop of Coutances.

    Stowey (in Oare)
    Stawei / Estaweia:

    Stratton on the Fosse
    Stratone / Stretone / Stratona / Stretona: William de Monceaux from Bishop of Coutances. Mill. 27 unbroken mares.
    On the Roman Fosse Way; Downside public school.

    Street (in Winsham)
    Strate / Estrat / Estrart: Roger from William de Mohun. 4 oxen.

    Stragelle / Estragella: Rainward from Walter de Douai. 43 pigs.
    Near the mouth of the River Parrett.

    Strenegestone / Strengestune / Strengestona / tuna: William from Roger de Courseulles; Ranulf from Alfred d'Epaignes. 200 sheep.

    Sutton Bingham
    Sutone / tona: Roger Bushell from from Roger Arundel. Mill.
    Fine Norman church with wall-paintings, c.1300; Sutton Bingham Reservoir nearby.

    Sutton Mallet
    Sutone / tona: Roger de Courseulles from Glastonbury Church.

    Sutton Montis
    Sutone / tuna: Drogo from Count of Mortain. Mill.
    Sutton Farm below Cadbury Hill.

    Wiche / Wica: Nigel de Gournai from Bishop of Coutances; Alfred, the pre-Conquest holder from the king. Mill.
    Lower Swainswick, part of Bath; Upper Swainswick village.

    Suindune / duna: Ranulf from Roger de Courseulles. Mill.

    Sewelle / wella: Bretel from Count of Mortain.

    Sideham: William from Roger Arundel.
    Tudor manor in Bridgwater.

    Sindercome: Hugh from Thurstan FitzRolf.
    Lost. Flooded by Clatworthy Reservoir.

    The Domesday Book, 1086

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