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  • Lincolnshire I-N

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    Imungeham / Mingeham: William de Percy; Norman d'Arci.

    Ingeham / Lagerham: Bishop of Bayeux and Ilbert from him; Bishop of Lincoln and Erchenold from him; Mainard from Roger de Poitou; Colsuan and Roger and Anschitil from him; Gocelin FitzLanbert; Rayner de Brimou; Ernuin from the king and queen.

    Englebi: Bishop of Bayeux and Colsuan and Wadard from him; Berengar from Robert de Tosny; William de Percy.

    Goldesbi / Ingoldesbi: Gilbert de Ghent; Walter d'Aincourt; Robert Malet; Colegrim, the pre-Conquest holder; Aschil from the king in alms. Church.
    Church with Norman arches.

    Irby upon Humber
    Irebi / Iribi: Earl Hugh; Ivo Tailbois and Odo from him; Durand Malet. Church.
    Church with Norman arcades and font, and an engraved 15th century floorstone showing John Malet and his wife.

    Gerneham / Greneham: Alfred of Lincoln; Ralph Pagnell. Church.

    Itrebi: Bishop of Bayeux and Ilbert from him; Waldin the Engineer and William from him.

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    Cadinton(e) / Caditon: Bishop of Durham and Turstin from him; Rayner de Brimou and Baldwin from him. Church, 5½ mills.
    Church with late Norman work.

    Chelebi / Chilebi: King's land; Archbishop of York and William from him; Bishop of Bayeux and Wdard from him; Ranulf from Bishop of Lincoln; Ivo Tailbois and Neal from him; Drogo de Beuvriere and Robert from him; Norman d'Arci and Geoffrey from him; Waldin the Engineer and William from him. 1½ mills, salt-pan.

    Chisebi: Gilbert de Ghent; Guy de Craon; Sortebrand.

    Chelebi / Chillebi: Bishop of Durham and Almod from him; Bishop of Lincoln and Colegrim from him; Guy de Craon and Aschil the priest from him.

    Cheilestorne / Chelestorne / turne: Earl Hugh; Alfred of Lincoln; Waldin the Engineer.
    Bronze Age barrows.

    Chetelesbi: Earl Hugh and Hugh from him. Mill.

    Chetelbi: Drogo de Beuvriere and Rayner from him; Ernis de Burun and Turstin from him; Geoffrey Alselin.
    Kettleby House.

    Kettleby Thorpe
    Torp: Hugh FitzBaldric and Gilber from him.
    Kettleby Thorpe Farm.

    Cheftesbi: Bishop of Lincoln, Colsuan and Adeleln from him; Leduin from the king. Mill.

    Chelvingeholm(e) / Chelvingehou: Count Alan and Landric from him; Ivo Tailbois and Odo from him; Drogo de Beuvriere, Norman d'Arci. ½ mill.
    Now 2 villages, North and South Killingholme.

    Chenebi: Bishop of Bayeux; Gocelin from Bishop of Lincoln. Church, mill.
    Hall; church with circular windows, possibly Saxon.

    Chinetorp: Ivo Tailbois and Odo from him; Ernis de Burun; Rayner de Brimou.

    Kirkby Green
    Cherchebi: Walter d'Aincourt; Norman d'Arci; Heppo the Arblaster; Church, 6½ mills (with Scopwick).

    Kirkby la Thorpe
    Cherchebi / Chirchebi: King's land; Bishop of Durham and Alnod from him; Gilbert de Ghent. ½ church (with Silk Willoughby).
    Church with Anglo-Saxon interlace work.

    Kirkby on Bain
    Cherchebi / Chirchebi: Bishop of Durham; Bishop of Bayeux and Ilbert from him; Eudo FitzSpirwic. Mill-site.

    Kirkby Underwood
    Cherchebi: Count Alan and Godric from him; Robert de Tosny; Alfred of Lincoln and Offram, the pre-Conquest holder, from him.
    Anglo-Saxon work in the church.

    Chernitone: King's land; Count Alan; Hugh FitzBaldric; Drogo de Beuvriere and Robert from him.
    Humberside airport.

    Kirmond le Mire
    Cheuremont: William de Percy. Church, mill.

    Kirton (in Holland)
    Cher / Chirchetune: Count Alan and Toli from him; Guy de Craon. Church, 2 salt-pans.
    Fine church.

    Kirton in Lindsey
    Chircheton(e) / Circeton: King's land. Mill.
    Small town.

    Cheneide: Bishop of Lincoln. Priory.
    Birthplace of Thomas Sutton (1532-1611), founder of Charterhouse School.

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    Lenesbi / Levesbi: Bishop of Bayeux; William de Percy; Drogo de Beuvriere. 3 churches, 2 mills.
    Church with Norman work.

    Langetof: Abbot of Croyland. Marsh.
    Between Roman Carr Dyke and a Roman road.

    Langton (near Horncastle)
    Langetone: King's land; Bishop of Bayeux; Drogo de Beuvriere and Geoffrey from him. Mill (with Langton Thorpe, later Buckland).

    Langton (near Spilsby)
    Langetune: Earl Hugh. 9 mills (with Brinkhill, etc.).

    Langton by Wragby
    Langetone: Bishop of Durham; Gilbert de Ghent; Ernis de Burun; Robert the Steward; Waldrin the Engineer.

    Laughton (near Avethorpe)
    Loctune: Robert de Tosny; Gilbert de Ghent; Oger le Breton; Guy de Craon and Warner from him. Church.

    Laughton (near Blyton)
    Lac(es)tone / Tastone / Leston: Roger de Poitou and Blancard from him; Guy de Craon and Alfred from him. ½ mill.

    Ledulvethorpe: Bishop of Lincoln; Colsuan and Conded and Anschitil from him. ½ church.
    Some houses.

    Lea: Count Alan and Robert from him. Fishery, ferry.

    Ledeneham: Count Alan and Colegrim and Derinc from him. 2 churches, ½ mill (with Fulbeck).
    Church with Renaissance glass.

    Lessingham / Leusingham: Bishop of Lincoln and Adam from him; Geoffrey Alselin.

    Lecheburne: Earl Hugh; Roger de Poitou and Gerard from him.

    Lagebi: William de Percy and Evrard from him. Mill.

    Lavintone: Archbishop of York and Ranulf, the archbishop's clerk, from him; Guy de Craon; Gilbert de Ghent and Azelin from him.
    Formerly Lavington..

    Levretune: Count Alan. Church.

    Lincolia(e): King's land; main landholders include: Bishop Remigius; Ralph Pagnell; Earl Hugh; Countess Judith; Gilbert de Ghent; Colsuan. At least 3 churches; 166 dwellings destroyed to clear a site for the castle.
    County town and cathedral city built on Roman site; castle built by William I.

    Lindude: Alfred of Lincoln; Durand Malet. ½ church, mill.

    Lessintone: Archbishop of York and Herbert from him.

    Little Carlton
    Carleton(e): William de Percy and Osbern from him. Church, 2 mills. Mill.

    Little Coates
    Sudcotes: Bishop of Bayeux; Drogo de Beuvriere.
    Part of Grimsby.

    Little Gonerby

    Little Grimsby
    Grimesby: Bishop of Durham; Ivo Tailbois and Geoffrey from him; William de Percy and Fulk from him. Church, salt-pan.

    Little Lavington
    Parva Lavintune:

    Little Limber
    Linbergham: King's land; Norman d'Arci.

    Little Ponton
    Alia Pamtone / Pamptune / Parva Pantone: Drogo de Beuvriere; Countess Judith and Nigel from her. 4 mills.
    Towerless church, possibly of Saxon origin.

    Little Steeping
    Stepi(nge): Count Alan and Eudo from him; Ivo Tailbois. Church, 4 mills.

    Little Sturton


    Lopintorp: Bishop of Lincoln; Algar, the pre-Conquest holder, from the king.

    Lunde(r)torp: King's land; Bishop Osmund of Salisbury; Colegrim. Mill.
    Tower mill.

    Long Bennington
    Beninctun / Beningtone: Count Alan and Hervey from him; William de Warenne. Church, 4 mills.
    Church with some Norman work.

    Long Sutton
    Sudtone: King's land.
    Small market town.

    Lound (in Toft)
    Lund: Gilbert de Ghent and Berewold from him. Church, 2 mills (with Witham on the Hill, Manthorpe and Toft.).

    Ludeburg: Robert de Tosny and Berengar from him.

    Ludintone: Geoffrey de La Guerche.

    Ludford Magna
    Lude(s)forde: Ivo Tailbois and Odo from him; William de Percy; Hugh FitzBaldric; Rayner de Brimou. Mill.

    Luzebi: Gilbert de Ghent and William from him. Church, mill.
    Water mill; Anglo-Saxon and Norman work in the church.

    Luctone: King's land. Fishery.
    Once a market town.

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    Malbertorp / Mal(te)torp: Earl Hugh; Gilbert de Ghent; Rayner de Brimou. 20 salt-pans (with Calceby, etc.).
    Holiday resort.

    Welle: Earl Hugh. Salt-pan.

    Maltby (in Raithby)
    Maltebi: Earl Hugh.

    Maltby le Marsh
    Maltebi / -by / Maltesbi: Eudo from Count Alan; Gilbert de Ghent; Hugh FitzBaldric; Gocelin FitzLanbert and Eurold from him.

    Manby (in Broughton)
    Mannebi: Durand Malet.
    Manby Wood.

    Manby (near Stewton)
    Mannebi: King's land.
    Late Anglo-Saxon slab in the church.

    Manthorpe (near Witham on the Hill)
    Mannetor(p): Abbot of Peterborough and Ansfrid and Asfort from him; Gilbert de Ghent and Berewold from him. Church, 2 mills (with Lound, etc.).

    Malmetune / Mameltune: Abbot of Peterborough and Ralph from him.
    Manor farm.

    Mareham (in Burton)
    Marram: Guy de Craon.
    Lost; village site marked by a 9 acre moated enclosure and Mareham Lane.

    Mareham le Fen
    Marun: King's land. Church.
    Manor house; thatched church.

    Mareham on the Hill
    Meringhe: Robert the Steward.

    Marche(s)bi: Bishop of Bayeux; Earl Hugh; Gocelin FitzLanbert.

    Market Rasen
    Altera Rase: Alfred of Lincoln. Mill (with Osgodby, etc.).

    Market Stainton
    Staintone: Ranulf de St. Valery. 2 mills.

    Heveston(e) / tune: Count Alan; Colsuan; Alfred of Lincoln; Osbern the Priest and Ralph the Sewer; Guy de Craon and Osbert from him. 4 mills, mill-site.
    Tudor Marston Hall owned by the Thorold family since the 14th century.

    Martin (near Horncastle)
    Martune: Bishop of Durham; Eudo FitzSpirwic.

    Martone: Count Alan.
    Church with saxon and Norman work.

    Mavis Enderby
    Endrebi: Bishop of Durham; Ivo Tailbois; Eudo FitzSpirwic. ½ mill-site (with Raisby near Hundleby).

    Melton Ross
    Medeltone: Ernis de Burun. Church.
    Moated site.

    Messingeham: Bishop of Lincoln and Malger from him; Abbot of Peterborough and William from him; Ernis de Burun and Turstin from him. 2 mills.
    On the outskirts of Scunthorpe.

    Medric(h)esham: Earl Hugh; Walter d'Aincourt and Wintrehad from him; Robert of Stafford and Enelo from him; Sortebrand from the king. Church, 3 mills.
    Church with a Norman tower.

    Middle Rasen
    Rasa: Bishop of Bayeux and Wadard the bishop's man from him; Roger de Poitou; Alfred of Lincoln; Gocelin FitzLanbert; Ralph Pagnell; Durand Malet. Church.
    Partly Norman church.

    Melingesbi: Ivo Tailbois.

    Mentinghes / Duo Mentinghes: Ivo Tailbois; William the Priest from Countess Judith.

    Morebi: King's land. Church.
    Manor farm.

    Morton (near Gainsborough)
    Mortum / Mottune: King's land; Ivo Tailbois. Moors.
    Adjoining Gainsborough.

    Morton (near Hanthorpe)
    Mortun(e): Gilbert de Ghent; Oger le Breton; Heppo the Arblaster. Church.

    Multune: Ivo Tailbois; Guy de Craon.

    Machetone: Ansgot. Church.
    Manor farm.

    Mund(e)bi: Count Alan and Eudo from him; Gilbert de Ghent; Eudo FitzSpirwic.

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    Navenebi: Durand Malet.
    Near Roman Ermine Street; evidence of the original settlement.

    Eteleham / Netelham: King's land, formerly Queen Edith; Gilbert de Ghent.
    Expanding small town. The bishops of Lincoln had a palace here until the 17th century; the mounds remain.

    Neteltone: Bishop of Bayeux and Ernegis and Wadard from him; Roger de Poitou and Blancard from him; Ernis de Burun; Durand Malet; Leueva, a woman, the pre-Conquest holder, from the king. Church, 9 mills.
    Manor farm; ironstone church with Saxon tower and Norman work.

    Neuberie: Earl Hugh and Osbern from him.

    Neuhuse: King's land; Ivo Tailbois and Roger from him; Ernis de Burun. Mill, salt-pan (with Habrough).
    Newsham Lodge and Bridge.

    Newton (near Folkingham)
    Neutone: Bishop of Durham; Ulviet and his wife from the king; Colsuan and Ralph from him; Odo the Arblaster. Church.
    With Norman work.

    Newton (near Toft)
    Neutone: Bishop of Bayeux and Ilbert from him; Ranyer de Brimou; Justen, the pre-Conquest holder, from the king.

    Newton upon Trent
    Neutone: Archbishop of York.
    Cast-iron toll bridge, 1832, across the River Trent.

    Nochetune: Norman d'Arci. Church.
    In Nocton Wood is the site of a priory founded by Norman's son, Robert.

    Normanby (in Burton upon Stather)
    Normanebi: Drogo de Beuvriere and Gocelin from him; Guy de Craon and Alfred from him. Mill-site.

    Normanby (near Fillingham)
    Normanebi / Normanestou: Bishop of Bayeux and Ilbert from him; Ivo Tailbois; Gocelin FitzLanbert and Colsuan from him. Church, 2 mills.
    Church with Norman work.

    Normanby (in Stow)
    Normanebi: Bishop of Lincoln.

    Normanby le Wold
    Normane(s)bi: Ivo Tailbois and Hugh from him; Gocelin FitzLanbert; Drogo de Beuvriere and Colsuan from him. 2 churches, ¼ mill (with Claxby).

    Normenton: Robert de Vessey.

    North Cadeby
    Cadebi: Count Alan.
    Remains of Cadby Hall; site of ancient Cadby village.

    North Carlton
    Nortcarletone: Sortebrand from the king. Church.

    North Hykeham
    Northicam / Northniche: Count Alan and Colegrim from him; Baldwin the Fleming from the king. Mill.
    Suburb of Lincoln.

    North Kelsey
    Chelsi / Norchelsei: Nortchelesei: King's land; Count Alan; Norman from William de Percy. Mill.

    North Kyme
    Nortchime: Robert de Tosny and Ivo from him; Colsuan. Fishery.

    North Ormsby
    Ormesbi: Bishop of Lincoln; Ivo Tailbois and Wimund from him; Drogo de Beuvriere and Geoffrey from him.

    North Stoke
    Nortstoches: King's land; Colegrim from Drogo de Beuvriere. 2 mills (with South Stoke).
    Stoke Rochford.

    North Thoresby
    Toresbi: Bishop of Bayeux and Ilbert from him; Count Alan; Hugh FitzBaldric; Alfred of Lincoln and Durand Malet (a salt-pan each). 2 salt-pans, 23 salt-pans (with Authby).
    Medieval church with one of the county's oldest Anglo-Saxon carved stones.

    Torp: King's land; Bishop of Bayeux and Ilbert from him; Abbot of Peterborough; Roger de Poitou and Roger from him.

    North Willingham
    Wifilingham / Wivilingeham: Ivo Tailbois; Gocelin FitzLanbert; Ralph Pagnell.

    North Witham
    Nortwine: Archbishop of York and Walchelin, the archbishop's man, from him; Countess Judith. Church, mill-site.

    Norton Disney
    Nortune: Countess Judith.
    Fortified Roman villa site.

    The Domesday Book, 1086

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